Since WW2 and the Manhattan Project (think OPPENHEIMER movie), about 1,000,000 American civilian workers have had highly toxic exposures working for the Atomic Energy Commission and successor Dept of Energy facilities. Way too many were sickened, unknowingly giving up their health and lives as part of the original mission and mission creep. These toxic work sites are still ongoing in atomic, nuclear, laser and other technology R&D & testing as part of national security.

Dangerous ionizing radiation cause cancers. Hazardous chemical toxins also cause some cancers, and non-malignant lung and renal disease, Parkinson’s, sensorineural hearing loss, acute radiation sickness, and other occupational illnesses. These primary illnesses, and others have wreaked havoc on 240,000 civilian workers, and their families, who have filed claims.

Thousands of lawsuits and class actions flooded the Federal court system in the aftermath, beginning after WW2. Congress finally acted after decades.

The EEOICPA Federal entitlement law enacted in 2000 enables administrative awards, without lawyers or lawsuits, court hearings, or depositions, with significant lump sum tax free compensation to sickened civilian worker victims, as well as medical benefits. Lump sum, tax free cash awards range from $150,000 to $400,000 and can also include medical expenses, including retroactive reimbursements to the claim date, and home & hospice health care coverage for lifetime of a living DOE worker. Tens of thousands already died without compensation but certain direct survivors can often alternatively be compensated with sizable lump sum awards. 

Over the past 17 years since 2007, Albert B Frowiss Sr as FROWISS.ORG has helped over 6,000 families receive EEOICPA awards totaling over $1 billion tax free and still going strong.  And my son, Al Frowiss Jr, has done an additional 2,000 cases in the past several years.

Over $25 billion has been paid and includes more than 62,000 paid claims just for cancers, aside from thousands more for other toxin caused illnesses. Only about half of the nearly quarter million claims filed have been paid, the other half denied. Denials are very often due to worker claimants or their survivors failing to understand the complex red tape, and faceless and often unhelpful Federal bureaucratic adjudication process. Today, this is further exacerbated, post Covid, by all EEOICPA examiners working from home, permanently, including a huge influx of inexperienced and unsupervised trainees. It’s more vital than ever that you as a potential claimant, or direct survivor thereof, engage help from an experienced EEOICPA advocate.

It’s a Federal entitlement, not a lawsuit or class action. You don’t need lawyers and their egregious add on fees and costs for filing objections and appeals. You need experienced advocacy help at a clear and finite fee, zero out of your pocket if you don’t get paid. Hiring Albert B. Frowiss Sr, your fee is just two percent, totally contingent on an award. Zero if you don’t get paid. Frowiss never charges other fees or costs, whether appeals or objections have to be filed, or prior denied cases reopened or reconsidered, even though this entitlement law allows fees five times that amount.


The government adjudicators, called CE’s (claims examiners), appreciate dealing with competent, knowledgeable and experienced advocates, especially non-attorneys, as there is a subrosa, palpable hate bias re: lawyers. Federal bureaucrats who deal directly with sickened workers or their family members often are impatient and rude. There is mutual frustration as the claimants are ignorant of the 88 pp fine print law, the 727 pp Federal Procedure Manual, and hundreds more pages of interpretive matrices, regulations and case precedents. It is extremely frustrating and time consuming for these examiners, flooded with a plethora of cases, with daily performance pressures from claimants and government supervisors. But, when all claim documentation and proofs needed are complete at the outset and professionally prepared, it makes the CE’s job so much easier and they get merit points from their superiors with swift adjudication processing. For these reasons and more, I’m highly respected as an advocate for claimants by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, EEOICPA, top to bottom. I have access to the very top of the EEOICPA hierarchy in all of their offices, Washington DC, Cleveland, Seattle, Denver and Jacksonville, earned through 17 years of ethical and professional advocacy for my clients.


I want to help you, the sickened worker, or direct survivors, as well as sickened co-workers you know. I don’t bite. I’m easy to talk to, and you only talk to me, not some staff assistant or flunky. Call me for a free and frank discussion immediately, hopefully armed with your own facts about your specific diagnoses of possible occupational illnesses identified by your own physicians. Also be prepared to indicate the DOE worksite, and the approximate work dates as this info is vital to enable preliminary and accurate and quick phone evaluation of the prospects for your potential case. I also want full disclosure of your claim history, if you have already filed prior claims.


The government does not pay me. You pay me a tiny fee, only if and when you get paid by the U.S. Dept of Treasury. I never personally collect a client’s award money, as lawyers often do. With me, your award money flows direct to you from the U.S.Treasury, not via a law-firm’s “client trust account”. You pay me once your award money is in your own bank account. I place my trust in you to pay me, and pay me promptly.