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Albert B. Frowiss, Sr.
EEOICPA Independent Claims Advocate


Albert B. Frowiss, Sr.

EEOICPA Independent Claims Advocate

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Hot war or cold war, American families have given their health and lives as part of the original mission of the Manhattan Project, and ongoing nuclear technologies. The impacts of cancer causing ionizing radiation have wreaked havoc on tens of thousands of civilian patriots, and their families. The EEOICPA entitlement law enacted in 2000 enables some modicum of compensation and medical benefits. Lump sum awards range from $150,000 to $400,000 and can include medical expense coverage for the remaining years of a living DOE worker. About $16 billion has been paid out and includes more than 53,000 paid claims just for cancer, aside from other toxin caused illnesses.

As a professional advocate, I specialize in cancer claims, assisting DOE-AEC workers, or contractor workers, or their direct survivors, in obtaining these awards. I focus on a dozen key DOE sites, including the national R&D labs, weapons test sites, materials and production plants. For these focused sites, I can usually get awards paid to my clients in four to five months from initial filing. In some special cases, we can get deathbed terminally ill claimants paid in “days”.

In the past eleven years 3,500 of my clients have received over $700 million and hundreds more are in the pipeline. These include employees at the atomic weapons test sites in Nevada and the Pacific, National Labs including Brookhaven, Los Alamos, Sandia, Livermore, Berkeley, Idaho and Oak Ridge, and production facilities like Pantex, Savannah River Plant, Hanford, Rocky Flats, Mound, Fernald, etc. A diagnosis of one of 23 "specified" cancers and typically 250 work days in a specified timeframe are the basic requirements.

The government adjudicators love it when a claim is professionally prepared, making their job easier. I’m well respected as an advocate for claimants by the Dept. of Labor, top to bottom. I never collect a client's award money. With me your award money flows direct to you from the U.S.Treasury. Then you pay me.