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Department of Energy - Special Exposure Cohort work sites

A Special Exposure Cohort class is a group of employees for whom it has been determined that accurate dose reconstruction can not be calculated. Thus, radiation becomes the presumptive cause of the cancer.

The 77 sites below are Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) sites. There are 382 “covered DOE sites”. We focus on SEC cancer claims.  An SEC class is a group of employees at a specific site, in a site unique timeframe, later diagnosed with one of 23 specified cancers. The SEC class provides presumption of radiation causation of the specified SEC cancer.  Requires 250 work days minimum, cumulative among SEC sites.  Exceptions are Amchitka (1 day) and Pacific Proving Grounds (83 days).

Name of DOE Work Site // SEC Covered Work Period // Location

Allied Chemical, 1-1-59 – 12-31-76 Metropolis, IL
Amchitka Island, AK, pre 1974, one day presence, exposure to Long Shot, Milrow, Cannikin tests

Argonne National Laboratory-West 1951 to 1957 Scoville, ID

Ames Laboratory, Iowa State Univ., 8-13-42–12-31-89 Ames, IA
Atomics International (NAA) sites:
   Canoga Avenue (Vanowen Bldg) 1-1-55–12-31-60 Canoga Park, CA
   DeSoto Avenue 1-1-59–12-31-64 Canoga Park, CA
   Downey Facility (Vandegraaf Gen) 1-1-48–12-31-55 Downey, CA
   Santa Susana Field Lab, Area IV (ETEC) 1-1-55–12-31-88 Simi Valley, CA

Baker Brothers, 6-1-43 to 12-31-44, Toledo, OH
Battelle Labs, King Avenue, 4-16-43 to 6-30-56
Bethlehem Steel, 1-1-49 – 12-31-52 Lackawanna, NY
Blockson Chemical, 3-1-51 – 6-30-60 Joliet, IL
Brookhaven National Laboratory 1-1-47 – 12-31-93 Upton, NY
BWX Technologies, 1-1-85–11-30-94 Lynchburg, VA
BWX Technologies, 1-1-68–12-31-72 Lynchburg, VA
BWX Technologies, 1-1-59–12-31-59 Lynchburg, VA
Carborundum Company, 1-1-41-12/31/67, Niagara Falls, NY

Clarksville Modification Center 8-1-49–12-31-67 Fort Campbell, Clarksville, TN
Columbia Univ, SAM Labs (Special Alloy Materials), 8-13-42–12-31-47 New York, NY
Combustion Engineering 1-1-65–12-31-72 Windsor, CT
Connecticut Aircraft Nuclear Engine Laboratory (CANEL) 1-1-58–12-31-65, Middletown, CT

Dow Madison, 1-1-57–12-31-60 Madison, IL

Dow Madison, 10-1-47–6-30-57 Pittsburg, CA

Electro Metallurgical, 8-13-42–12-31-47 Niagara Falls, NY

Feed Material Production Center, NLO & AEC, 1-1-54–12-31-78 Fernald, OH
Feed Material Production Center, 1-1-51–12-31-83 (non NLO workers), Fernald, OH

General Atomics 1-1-60–12-31-69 La Jolla, CA
General Electric Evendale (All employees) 1-1-61–6-30-70, Evendale, OH
Grand Junction Operations (AEC-DOE), 3-23-43–12-31-85 Grand Junction, CO

Hanford/Hanford Engineer Works (includes PNNL), 10-1-43 – 12-31-83;

- Hanford - 1984-1990 for Kaiser/J.A. Jones, plus certain subs  Richland, WA
Harshaw Chemical - Harvard-Denison, 8-14-42 – 11-30-49 Cleveland, OH
Horizons, 1-1-52 – 12-31-56 Cleveland, OH

Idaho National Laboratory 3-1-70–12-31-74, one dosimeter, Scoville, ID

Idaho National Laboratory (CPP) 1-1-75–12-31-80, one dosimeter, Scoville, ID

Iowa Ordnance Plant (IAAP), Line 1, 5-48–3-49 Burlington, IA
Iowa Ordnance Plant (IAAP), Line 1, radiographers, 3-49–12-31-74 Burlington, IA

Kellex/Pierpont, 1-1-43–12-31-53 Jersey City, NJ

Lake Ontario Ordnance Works (LOOW) 1-1-44–12-31-53 Youngstown, NY
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 8-13-42–12-31-61 Berkeley, CA
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1-1-50–12-31-89, Livermore, CA 
Linde Ceramics, 10-1-42–12-31-69 Tonawanda, NY
Los Alamos National Laboratory, 3-14-43–12-31-95 Los Alamos, NM

Mallinckrodt Chemical Works 1942–12-31-58 St. Louis, MO
Medina Modification Center 1-1-58–12-31-66 San Antonio, TX
Metals and Controls, 1-1-52–12-31-67 Attleboro, MA
MIT, Hood Building, 3-9-46–12-31-63 Cambridge, MA
Mound Plant, 9-1-72–12-31-72 
Mound Plant, 1-1-75–12-31-76 
Mound Plant, 10-1-49–3-5-80 Miamisburg, OH

Nevada Test Site 1-27-51–1-31-92 Mercury & Jackass Flats, Nevada
Norton, 1-1-45–10-10-62 Worcester, MA
Nuclear Materials & Equipment  (NUMEC), 1-1-57–12-31-83 Apollo, PA
Nuclear Materials &  Equipment  (NUMEC), 6-1-60–12-31-80 Parks Township, PA
Nuclear Metals, 10-29-58–12-31-79 Concord, MA

Oak Ridge, TN sites: 
  K-25 site Gaseous Diffusion Plant, pre 2-1-92
  Oak Ridge Hospital 5-15-50–12-31-59
  Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies Cancer Research Hospital (ORINS) 5-15-50–12-31-63
  X-10 Oak Ridge National Lab, 6-17-43–7-31-55
  S-50 Thermal Diffusion Plant 7-9-44–12-31-51
  Y-12 site, 3-1-43–12-31-76
  Clinton Engineer Works, 1-1-43–12-31-49

Pacific Proving Grounds 1946–12-31-62, Eniwetok, Bikini, Christmas & Johnston 
Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, pre 2-1-92, Paducah, KY
Pantex, 1-1-51–12-31-91 Amarillo, TX
Piqua Organic Moderated Reactor Site, 5-2-66–2-28-69, Piqua, OH
Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, pre 2-11-92, Piketon, OH 

Revere Copper and Brass, 7-24-43–12-31-54, Detroit, MI
Rocky Flats, 4-1-52–12-31-83 Denver-Boulder, CO

Sandia National Laboratories, 1-1-45–12-31-96 Albuquerque, NM
Sandia National Laboratory, 10-1-57–12-31-94, Livermore, CA 
Savannah River Site 1-1-53–9-30-72 Aiken, SC
Simonds Saw and Steel, 1-1-48–12-31-57, Lockport, NY
Spencer Chemical/Jayhawk Works, 1-1-56–12-31-61 Pittsburg, KS
St. Louis Airport Storage, 1-3-47–11-2-71 St. Louis, MO
Standard Oil Development, 8-13-42–12-31-45, Linden, NJ

Texas City Chemicals, 10-5-53–9-30-55, Texas City, TX
Tyson Valley Powder Farm, 2-13-46–6-30-48, Eureka, MO

Univ. of Chicago, Metallurgical Laboratory, 8-13-42–6-30-46 Chicago, IL
University of Rochester Atomic Energy Project, 9-1-43–10-30-71 Rochester, NY

Ventron, 11-1-42–12-31-48 Beverly, MA
Vitro Manufacturing, 8-13-42–9-30-65 Canonsburg, PA

W.R. Grace, Curtis Bay, Maryland, 5-1-56–1-31-58 Curtis Bay, MD
W.R. Grace, Erwin, Tennessee 1-1-58–12-31-70 Erwin, TN
Wah Chang, 1-1-71–12-31-72 Albany, OR
Westinghouse Atomic Power Development Plant, 8-13-42–12-31-44 Pittsburg, PA
Westinghouse Electric, 8-13-42–12-31-49, (some dates 1958-59) Bloomfield, NJ
Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center, 1-1-52–12-31-61 Winchester, MA