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Albert B. Frowiss, Sr.
EEOICPA Independent Claims Advocate


Albert B. Frowiss, Sr.

EEOICPA Independent Claims Advocate

P.O. Box 909

Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

Phone or Fax: 858.756.1494



President Reagan thanking Albert B. Frowiss, one of seven national vice chairmen of the 1980 campaign.

Frowiss was offered a White House deputy post dealing with nuclear policy liaison.

I'm a California native. I founded a high tech firm in my 20’s and retired in my 30’s, having built a globally successful business by the bootstraps in ten short years. My product was used by all the AEC labs. I became active in national, regional and local politics. President Reagan offered me a White House deputy post dealing with the AEC Labs. Instead I devoted three decades to public volunteerism, serving myriad public task forces, holding elected public office, dealing with public governance and quality of life issues. My business interests spanned high technology, real estate, energy exploration and securities. I learned law but I'm not a lawyer. Since 2007, I’m engaged “24/7” in managing radiation cancer claims for my clients. I'm the best in the field, a well respected professional.

My mission of atomic radiation cancer victim claims advocacy is now completing the tenth year. My dad was at Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands in the H-bomb tests and later died of lung cancer. I learned of the law in 2007, studiously researched it and the multiple bureaucracies, regulations, policies, procedures, case decisions, etc. I helped my mother receive $275,000 in 58 days and that inspired my new mission to help others. As of late 2018, I have completed 3,500+ claims and have another 300 in the approval pipeline. I have myriad testimonials, all happy clients. I work one-on-one with my clients and personalize my responses and guidance to fit your case. I’m ready to start on your claim. Call or email now and we’ll have a frank discussion about your case and prospects.